This strange Replicator glitch traps and kills unsuspecting Apex Legends players

Apex Legends Bangalore
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Apex Legends players have uncovered a game-breaking glitch with the newly-introduced Replicators.

As spotted by DBLTAP, a thread on Reddit shares how a player was using a replicator – the new crafting machines that enable players to use the resources they find across the World's Edge map to craft, or upgrade, items – but once in the Replicator, they were unable to craft anything or exit the menu. 

They remained stuck on the main replicator screen even as the circle came in and slowly killed the player, who was – unfortunately for them – playing a ranked match at the time.

Here, take a look:

Replicator glitched and I got stuck in this screen until the zone eventually closed and killed me. I lost 12 points thanks to this. from r/apexlegends

"Replicator glitched and I got stuck in this screen until the zone eventually closed and killed me," u/STRADD838 said. "I lost 12 points thanks to this."

As yet, Respawn has not responded to the thread nor outlined any plans on how the glitch can be avoided. 

Apex Legends developer Respawn recently responded to complaints about skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in its free-to-play battle royale, and says it's trying to "increase justice" and ensure that the matchmaker "give[s] you [a] better/fairer match".

"I have no idea if you're the guy who analysis [sic] stuff for SBMM but, if you are, you're doing all of us an injustice. And there will always be ways around the system people will abuse anyway. We don't want two ranked modes!" tweeted "The SBMM guy".

"I appreciate the feedback (really!)" responded M Ray, "Emre", who works on analytics and data science at Respawn. "The intention of a matchmaker is to give you *better* (fairer) match, and it turns out that's not easy in a [battle royale].

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment recently opened a new studio in Vancouver, Canada to focus on the future of its hit free-to-play battle royale, but recently confirmed it isn't currently working on another Titanfall game. The good news is that Zampella says a series revival hasn't been ruled out, though, and many folks at Respawn would love to make it happen.

Hey! Did you hear Apex Legends is coming to Switch later this year?

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