This Silent Hill and Stranger Things-inspired horror is out next week and already has a demo

Mirror Forge, an upcoming psychological horror game inspired by Silent Hill and Stranger Things, is due to launch on December 6. However, if you don't feel like waiting, there's a free demo available that you can download right now via Steam.

The debut title from indie developer MystiveDev, Mirror Forge's Silent Hill inspiration is clear from not only the nightmarish creatures seen in the screenshots, but also the focus on alternate dimensions from which these entities spawn. 

The developers were also inspired by "the science gone wrong" element of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, especially as they were crafting Mirror Forge's story of inner turmoil and psychological struggles manifesting in reality as horrific beings.

In a press release, publisher DreadXP warns that "Mirror Forge's themes and motifs are not for the faint of heart, with the story tackling heavy topics such as depression, addiction, and suicide." The story centers around Thomas Jackson, a person struggling to recover from an addiction to alcohol and a traumatic past that includes a drunken accident which put his girlfriend Jill in a coma and ended the life of the couple's unborn child. 

To make matters worse, Thomas recently lost his job due to a global pandemic, and his now ex-girlfriend goes missing while *checks notes* searching for three busses full of children who also seem to have vanished. In Jill's place is a bizarre video tape and a mystery Thomas struggles to solve while carrying overwhelming guiltt. 

So, yeah, incredibly dark stuff, but exactly what any self-respecting horror fan would probably expect when a game is described as Silent Hill-inspired.

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Jordan Gerblick

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