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This SD card will be the last Nintendo Switch storage upgrade you ever need, and it's 43% off

All but the lightest Nintendo Switch users will want to find a Nintendo Switch SD card cheap (opens in new tab). But if money isn't so much of a concern for you, you know a good value when you see one, and you like to have the biggest possible everything, this is the deal you're looking for: a Nintendo Switch-compatible microSD card with 512 gigabytes of storage for $199.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab). That's almost half off its list price of $349.99.

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PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC card for $199 at Amazon (save $150) (opens in new tab)
This microSD card from PNY is compatible with Nintendo Switch and will almost certainly be the last storage upgrade you ever need to purchase for it. You can also pop the card in anything else that uses the microSDXC format, including many smartphones and cameras. 

For reference, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (opens in new tab) is a 13.6GB download; assuming Switch let you download one game over and over again (which it doesn't), that would be enough space for 37 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate installs on the card alone. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the larger first-party games on Switch, though third-party games like L.A. Noire can be twice as big or more (opens in new tab).

Realistically, 512GB is probably overkill for all but the most dedicated power-user - at least for the near future. However, if you plan on playing the best Switch games (opens in new tab) for years to come (which you should, it's a great little console), you like to own all of your games digitally, and you never want to uninstall/reinstall anything, this 512GB microSD card could be a practical purchase. Eventually. Sometimes you've just gotta get the big one because it's the biggest one, you know?

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