This PUBG video starring Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes is the weirdest thing you'll see all week

The latest video from PUBG Corp examines the history of the Vikendi region which was recently re-introduced as a playable map with Season 7, but rather than a dev diary, it's a documentary-style look at a fictional serial killer narrated by Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes.

Yes, you read that correctly. The video is pitched as part of the Mysteries Unknown series, which nails the '90s crime drama aesthetic. It chronicles the origins of Dinoland, one of the biggest hot spots on PUBG's new and improved Vikendi map. I was expecting a Jurassic Park spoof going in, but it turns out Dinoland's history is much darker.

To sum the video up, Dinoland was apparently founded by Carl Johann Lindh in the 1970s, and before long it was stricken by tragedy. First, a costumed actor was killed by one of the park's trains - the same trains PUBG players can now use to get around Vikendi. The kicker is that while the death was deemed a suicide, the only witness was Carl Lindh's young son, Alexander, whose mental state had always been questionable. Frake's narration really helps sell the suspicion and seriousness of this incomprehensibly strange PUBG lore. 

You can probably see where this is going. Mysterious tragedies follow Alexander and Dinoland right up until the death of Carl Lindh, which leads us into the theme park's current ownership. There was apparently some sort of backroom dealing between PUBG's mysterious taskmaster and Alexander, so now the park is part of the death game we all know and love. The ending really sells it, because you haven't lived until you've heard a voice actor playing a serial killer scream "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" immediately after hearing Jonathan honest-to-god Frake wax on about PUBG lore. This is - and I cannot stress this enough - so freaking weird, and I really hope they make more of these. 

PUBG recently added the good kind of bots into its player pool to help new players not just die immediately. 

Austin Wood

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