This new Minecraft Dungeons Arcade cabinet offers "a new experience"

A splash image teasing Mojang's new arcade cabinet
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Mojang has unveiled a new four-person arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.

Created in partnership with Play Mechanix, the arcade offers nine levels, and each player only needs to focus on three specific buttons - Melee, Dodge, and Range - and instead of save files, players use physical cards earned in each session to "empower their character with weapons, pets, skins, and items".  

"While the arcade version still contains the familiar multiplayer, dungeon-crawling gameplay you know and (hopefully) love, it also offers a new take that is made available through fundamental differences between consumer games and arcade games," teased an update on the official Minecraft website.

The new Minecraft Dungeons cabinet in all its blocky glory

(Image credit: Mojang / Play Mechanix)

"If you take a step back, you can see the similarities between the two, but when you take a step into [a consumer] game, it’s like a waltz,” says Will Carlin, creative director at Play Mechanix. “An arcade game on the other hand is some kind of super break-dancing speed experience – it’s about intensity of the moment, and surviving as long as possible – an intense burst of fun!”

Mojang says "a limited number of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade cabinets are currently being distributed across North America for testing" and promises more will be released later in the year.

It also says it's "making sure that these cabinets will be tested in arcades that follow local health guidelines in order to mitigate the risk of the ongoing pandemic".

Minecraft Dungeons' latest DLC – Flames of the Nether – is out now and continues the story on from previously paid updates, taking us all on a harrowing trip through Minecraft's famous Nether realm. You can buy it as part of the Minecraft Dungeons season pass for £17 or grab it separately. 

Alongside the paid DLC, everyone was also treated to a free content update with major new feature: Ancient Hunts. Ancient Hunts are procedurally-generated end-game missions all based around the Nether. If you manage to survive these dangerous Ancient Hunt missions and beat the powerful mobs, you'll be rewarded with some top-tier Gilded gear.

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