This new Gears Of War 4 multiplayer trailer is all about the gore

Gears of War 4 (opens in new tab)is showing off its multiplayer moves in a new trailer, ahead of the beta arriving on the 25th of April. 

This new look seems to be taking the always OTT violence to almost laugh out loud levels of hurt as enemies get splatted and sawn across a bunch off new maps and modes. Take a look: 

Pretty much classic Gears then, only with a few new tricks - those vault kick and yank moves look like shaking up the usually entrenched cover system. Those new modes and maps look interesting as well, although the beta will be the real test of those. 

It’s clear the series is keen to keep the old fans happy though, with the inclusion of so many familiar modes and other features. Let’s hope it can really hit that perfect balance of just enough fresh stuff mixed with the old to keep everyone happy. 

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Leon Hurley
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