This is the most expensive video game ever sold at public auction and it sold for $114,000

(Image credit: Heritage Auctions)

A 1985  cartridge of Super Mario Bros. has sold for $114,000/£90,300, setting a new world record for the most expensive video game ever sold at public auction.

The game, which has been sealed and unplayed for 35 years, was sold during a public auction (opens in new tab) earlier this week, knocking the previous record-holder – a 1987 sealed copy of Mega Man, which was sold for $75,000 last year – off the top spot. 

According to a press release, "collectors coveted the copy because it has been sealed since 1985 and retained its original hangtab".

In related news, the world's only known Nintendo PlayStation was recently sold at auction for an eye-watering $360,000 (£275,000) (opens in new tab), generating twelve times its opening bid of $30K. That $360K includes a 20 per cent "buyers premium" fee, but it's still a bargain, really, given how quickly the bid accelerated when the lot was first put up for sale. 

The Nintendo Playstation (opens in new tab) – a console that was thought to be a myth, and a subject of video game lore – was available to buy via auction (opens in new tab) on Heritage Auctions (opens in new tab) after the system resurfaced in an estate sale in 2015.

"This prototype has been around the world and back again, admired and appreciated by video game enthusiasts from all over," the item description teased when it went up for sale. "Even though this is the closing of this portion of its narrative, it will continue to remain a pivotal piece of video game history no matter where it ends up."

Oculus VR founder and Oculus Rift designer, Palmer Luckey, made an early effort to secure the console and was the highest bidder (opens in new tab) for some time, but did not ultimately secure the one-of-the-kind console.

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Vikki Blake
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