This God of War story recap is essential viewing ahead of Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok
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The launch of God of War Ragnarok is coming up fast, but it's been a long four years since the release of the previous game - and luckily, Sony has a series of helpful story recaps to refresh your memory of the plot details ahead of the sequel's launch.

The Myths of Midgard video recap is a bit corny, but it's still an endearingly fun way to see the broad strokes of the story retold. Actor, writer, and nerd icon Felicia Day narrates a rhymed storybook retelling of the game, complete with a cameo from Mimir and a nifty bit of extra special effects. It's worth watching just for the lovely illustrations, lightly animated in a sort of motion comic style.

Of course, if you need a spoiler warning here you're already in the wrong place.

The six-minute video hits all the most important plot beats, but there's not quite enough time to hit every detail. For that, there's a big ol' post on the PlayStation Blog running down the story with more of the intricacies.

Ragnarok picks up with Fimbulwinter underway, and will see Kratos and Atreus explore all of the nine realms in the lead-up to the titular apocalypse. The trailers haven't revealed much more than that, but we have gotten an early look at characters like Thor, Angrboda,, and Tyr, who are sure to play major roles in the story ahead.

We do know that there's likely to be a major change in the dialog, as a recently-released book suggests that Atreus will no longer be called "boy" when we hit Ragnarok.

There are far more upcoming PS5 games than just Ragnarok.

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