This Ghost of Tsushima dev is making a samurai dinosaur game

Dinosaurs with swords
(Image credit: Jean Nguyen)

Jean Nguyen, also known as JeanAnimate, who worked on the Ghost of Tsushima game has surprised us all with a personal project known currently as Dino-Sword. Right now it's in the development stages, but the game looks like it'll be no stranger to danger. 

From the teaser vids it looks to be progressing nicely, with Jean pushing out regular updates on their X account. One of the most beautiful is this misty scene of rock and dirt, marked by the signature silhouette of a spinosaurus wielding an eight foot sword. A slightly smaller spinosaurus fights a larger specimen—a late Cretaceous father-son battle of the ages, perhaps?

(Image credit: Jean Nguyen)

Later down the line, this experimental 3D animator from Seattle showed off the spinosaurus' full combo attack animation video, which sees the carnivorous brute packing none other than the famous Buster Sword from Final Fantasy.

Though I imagine Dino-Sword is a working title, the whole thing oozes so much parody I wouldn't put it past Jean to leave the title as is.

The current combat system, Jean says, comes from BP__Systems, and looks damn smooth from what we've seen so far. The main draw for me personally (aside from the potential for ravenous prehistoric battles) is the music by Néstor M. Ronda, composer of the soundtrack for Viper Games' Stygia. 

(Image credit: Jean Nguyen)

It's easily the best game teaser music I've heard this side of Nier Automata, and reminds me of a filled out, chuggy 28 Days Later track, if re-imagined by Bring Me The Horizon. I will be downloading the OST with the game, is what I'm saying.

There's no solid release date for Dino-Sword at the moment, but one thing's for sure, with teeth and blade combined there'll be no stopping Jean's reign of terror. The main takeaway from all this is who the heck gives a fourteen foot reptile a bastard sword, anyway?

Frankly that's highly irresponsible behavior, Jean. 

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