This RTX 3060 gaming laptop deal is now just $949 at Best Buy

MSI GF65 gaming laptop
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Many of us have been chasing RTX stock for a while, now, but this $949.99 (opens in new tab) MSI GF65 gaming laptop deal at Best Buy might be the perfect solution if you've come to the end of your tether with scalper prices. Previously sat at $1,099.99, you're saving $150 here - but even better, you'll find a powerful RTX 3060 GPU under the hood with 512GB of storage. 

That's excellent value, especially considering the desktop card recently hit $1,000 by itself on the resale market (thanks, scalpers). It's also one of the best prices we've seen for an RTX 3060 laptop too.

As with many cheaper contenders vying to be the best gaming laptop, you are making a few sacrifices to pick up such a powerful GPU. That i5-10500H processor may be the biggest pill to swallow - but at least it's still a 10th-gen chip. An older CPU running with 8GB RAM won't draw premium performance from your GPU in faster competitive titles or the most graphically demanding games, but the laptop will run games at 1080p beautifully in an everyday setting. 

Plus, you're getting an excellent 144Hz display built in here which will certainly give the RTX 3060 room to breathe. That 512GB of SSD storage is a surprise, too, given that we usually see cheaper gaming laptops running expensive cards cutting corners when it comes to storage. 

MSI GF65 15.6-inch gaming laptop | $1,100 (opens in new tab)

MSI GF65 15.6-inch gaming laptop | $1,100 $949.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $150 -
There's a powerful RTX 3060 GPU sat inside this MSI GF65 gaming laptop. That's excellent value for under $1,000 - especially when you consider the 512GB SSD and 144Hz display on offer as well. You are sacrificing a little processing power with the i5-10500H CPU and only 8GB of RAM, but picking up this card for under $1,000 is a great deal. Plus, you're getting a free month of Game Pass Ultimate here too.

Why buy an RTX gaming laptop

RTX cards are still nearly impossible to get your hands on, but many have found a workaround to the current GPU shortage; picking up a gaming laptop. Laptops and pre-built PCs seem to be the only ways to play with Nvidia's latest cards without breaking the bank on a single component. 

In fact, these machines often come out cheaper than the cards themselves, especially if you're looking at more nefarious retail sites. You are picking up a slightly less powerful version of the card compared to a desktop model, but at this configuration that won't be noticeable and you'll still see the improvements over the previous generation as well. 

Plus, more and more gaming laptops are fully upgradeable as well, which means you'll have options to swap out any budget-minded RAM or storage in the future.

If you're still on the hunt for the card by itself, though, we're showing you where to buy RTX 3060, tracking all the latest drops and shuffles. Plus, you'll find a range of the best gaming PCs are also offering RTX cards as well. We're also rounding up plenty more cheap gaming laptop deals

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