This fan video looks like the setup for an 'Overwatch Babies' spin-off cartoon show

Overwatch is known for many things, among them the iconic and visually distinct designs that immediately convey a character's abilities and personality. Freelance animator Chris Guyot, who has contributed to ad campaigns like Nick at Nite, challenged himself to likewise distill the Overwatch cast's essence into short, 2 to 4-second portrait clips, and the results are too cute to handle.

Personally, I find Guyot's designs reminiscent of a Fisher-Price toy, making me long for a Muppet Babies-style Overwatch spin-off cartoon where the gang all bands together to save a kitten from a tree or something and everyone learns a valuable lesson. If you want a gif of your favorite character from the animation, Guyot has made those available via his Dribble profile:

I wonder if Guyot will add Doomfist? Speaking of, did you see our ranking of all Doomfist skins?

Sam Prell

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