This fan video looks like the setup for an 'Overwatch Babies' spin-off cartoon show

Overwatch (opens in new tab) is known for many things, among them the iconic and visually distinct designs that immediately convey a character's abilities and personality. Freelance animator Chris Guyot (opens in new tab), who has contributed to ad campaigns like Nick at Nite, challenged himself to likewise distill the Overwatch cast's essence into short, 2 to 4-second portrait clips, and the results are too cute to handle.

Personally, I find Guyot's designs reminiscent of a Fisher-Price toy, making me long for a Muppet Babies-style Overwatch spin-off cartoon where the gang all bands together to save a kitten from a tree or something and everyone learns a valuable lesson. If you want a gif of your favorite character from the animation, Guyot has made those available via his Dribble (opens in new tab) profile:

I wonder if Guyot will add Doomfist (opens in new tab)? Speaking of, did you see our ranking of all Doomfist skins (opens in new tab)?

Sam Prell

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