This Fall Guys player currently holds over 360 wins, and he has the footage to prove it

Fall Guys
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A Fall Guys player has won over 360 matches and counting, and you can watch every single one of them on Twitter right now.

As of this time of writing, streamer Fall King has won 361 matches of Fall Guys, but that number is continuing to go up, so who knows how many he's got by the time you read this? 

His continually growing thread of victories can be found on Twitter here

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Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

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How is this possible? Well, Fall King has mastered strategies for every minigame in Fall Guys, including notoriously difficult stages like Hex-a-Gone and Slime Climb. We'd recommend watching some of his videos on Twitter, or heading over to his Twitch streams, if you're interested in learning from the best. 

As of a few weeks ago, streamer DrLupo was considered "The Fallen One" by developer Mediatonic, as the player with the most Crowns in the game so far, but it's quite possible that Fall King has now comfortably beaten that record. 

The official Fall Guys Twitter account has acknowledged Fall Kings achievements, but no official word yet on whether he holds the ultimate crown of highest victories in the game so far. It's hard to see anyone else doing any better, though, and certainly puts my meagre two victory streak to shame. 

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