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This absolute unit of a Mario and Yoshi figurine costs more than the Xbox Series S

(Image credit: First 4 Figures / Nintendo)

Why invest in a next-gen console when you could pre-order this mighty Mario and Yoshi figurine that will cost you more than an Xbox Series S

Yes, that's right, you can currently pre-order a highly detailed figurine of the famous plumber riding on the loveable green dino on Nintendo's official UK store (opens in new tab) for a hefty £399.99. That's a pretty sizable price tag to be sure, but when you consider the polish and sheer size of the figure, you can see why this is no doubt a highly coveted collector's piece. 

Made out of resin, the statue measures at an absolute unit of a size, with a height of 19inchs / 48cm and a width of 13inchs / 33cm. This size includes the little grass patch block base the two characters rest on. 

And if you can believe it, this figure is the standard edition of a definitive edition figurine (opens in new tab) version of the pair, which costs a whopping £549.99. The more expensive variant comes with a larger base complete with a Yoshi egg, flowers, and checkpoint flags, but it's sold out on the store. You can watch an unboxing video here (opens in new tab) to really get a sense of just how big it is. 

This isn't the first premium statue depicting Nintendo's most iconic characters. Just recently, a massive Kirby statue (opens in new tab) became available which will also burn a £300 shaped hole in your pocket. Some other collectibles have also come to the Nintendo store, with more affordable figures like Zelda (opens in new tab) from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Majora's Mask (opens in new tab).  

You have to hand it to First 4 Figures and Nintendo for this rather incredible figurine, with its sheer size and attention to detail that's all polished off with vibrant colours. 

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Heather Wald
Heather Wald

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