THEY are coming

Who are THEY? That's the question on our minds after receiving this mysterious screenshot with vague information about a new first-person shooter scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention.

The almost hilariously non-informative details released about the game with said screenshot tells us that you can expect:

- unique weapon system that makes you ,,love" your weapons
- mysterious science fiction background story
- diversified enemies - thrilling and intelligent
- heroes to identify with
- heavy usage of physics
- destructible environment relevant for gameplay
- haunting single player mode
- versatile multiplayer modes

It seems they forgot to mention that you'll be using guns to shoot stuff. Could they be any vaguer? Perhaps we're reading too much into this, but the idea that you'll love your weapons, and the way the words ,,love" and ,,THEY" were framed with two commas and a quotation mark in the press release just might suggest some off-the-wall angle for this FPS that involves quirky punctuation.

For now, enjoy this mysterious screen featuring destructible environments that are surely relevant to gameplay, and a robot mech that signifies the game's mysterious science fiction background story.

July 31, 2007