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These new Star Trek Discovery character posters will do nothing to stop *that* big fan theory

Star Trek Discovery isn’t just the best show you’re (probably) not watching, it’s also filled with more fan theories than you can shake a Tribble at. For those wanting to analyse every scrap and morsel of info in case it brings to light a major clue before the show returns on January 7 are in luck: these new character posters reveal a lot more than they’re letting on…

The character posters are, on the face of, pretty ordinary. Black, white, and just as sleek as the USS Discovery. There’s Michael, Captain Lorca, Lt. Suru, and Klingon exile Voq.

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You may be wondering where Ash Tyler is. After all, he played a major role in events throughout the opening 9 episodes. Well, maybe he is there. The big fan theory going around is that Voq is actually in disguise as Tyler.

The cast kept schtum about it when we spoke to them, but there are clues: gadgets that can change your biological life signs to outside observation, Tyler’s weird Klingon sex nightmares, and the simple fact that Voq has disappeared off the face of the galaxy, which neatly coincided with Tyler’s arrival out of the blue in a Klingon jail cell. If that’s the case, these posters are a cheeky way to confirm the theory was hidden in plain sight all along.

Not convinced by that theory? Then how about The Mirror Universe? Star Trek (especially Discovery) has been obsessed with mirrors and other Easter eggs, and these posters are no different. Each show a darker reflection of the characters – and it’d make a whole lot of sense for us to be looking at characters within the Mirror Universe after the events of the mid-season finale. 

We’ll find out soon enough, but these posters are a lot like Star Trek Discovery itself: seemingly flashy and lacking substance but, when you dig a little deeper, there’s a whole lot of brilliance beneath. ‘Discover the unknown’, indeed.

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