There's a Darth Vader VR experience on the way from the writer of The Dark Knight

The studio behind the excellent Lightsaber VR game Trials on Tatooine, ILMxLab, has confirmed it's working on a Darth Vader Vr game with Dark Knight script writer David Goyer.

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That's exciting for two reasons. Firstly, the Trial on Tatooine game is excellent. It's only a short demo (releasing for free today on the Vive) but it nails the whole 'lightsaber deflecting blaster bolts' thing. 

I played it this at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration and I can tell you that however good you can imagine a virtual reality game, it's better (one guy at the show cried after playing it). The Goyer presence on the new project is interesting though as it implies we could be getting something with a bit of meat on it. 

Currently, the Trials on Tatooine game is short - a few minutes chatting with Han Solo in the Falcon, before a fight with some Stormtroopers. The presence of a Hollywood heavy hitter (scriptwriter on the Nolan Batman movies and recent Superman, Justice League stuff) suggests the new Vader project could be a bigger thing. 

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