There sure are a lot of PlayStation VR project reveals ahead of Sony's event today

What do Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, werewolves, a talking seagull, tanks, and a tropical island have in common? They've all been part of virtual reality announcements made just hours ahead of a PlayStation VR media event that will kick off today at 2 pm Pacific, 9 pm GMT. And that, dear reader, has us wondering if Sony is going to make this invite-only presentation a bigger deal than it's let on.

While we wait to see what the company has up its sleeve, here's a quick rundown of VR experiences that've been announced just today:

Werewolf Within

Ubisoft is adapting the classic party game Werewolf into VR and calling it "Werewolf Within." A game of suspicion, deceit, and accusations, Werewolf Within assigns players secret roles before forcing them to vote on who they believe is the monster hiding amongst them. Call it right and you'll win, sentence the wrong person to death and the werewolves win. So yeah, it's a party game that rewards lying and betrayal. Fun times.

XING: The Land Beyond

If you enjoy peaceful, serene puzzle games like the Myst series - or more recently, The Witness - you may want to check out XING: The Land Beyond. Originally announced last year, XING was revealed today to be PlayStation VR compatible. Developer White Lotus Interactive has even gone and made the game PlayStation Move compatible, which you can see below:


Similarly, the previously-revealed Battlezone showed off its campaign and redesigned aesthetic today. The modern take on the old-school tank war game will have procedurally-generated levels stretched across its single-player mode with each playthrough unlocking more weapons to toy around with. You can see it in action here:

Gary the Gull

If you'd rather just get away from it all for awhile, ex-Pixar animators have created Gary the Gull, a PlayStation VR interactive movie where you meet (and chat with) a seagull. It's like being inside one of those shorts they show before a full-length Disney/Pixar movie, only with the character standing next to you.

Assassin's Creed/Star Wars

Speaking of movies, while PlayStation VR compatibility hasn't been specified, both Assassin's Creed and Star Wars are getting virtual reality "experiences" that put you into the action. Not much is known about these projects just yet, other than the Assassin's Creed project is based on the upcoming movie as opposed to a game, and Star Wars VR looks cool as hell:

Virtual reality is more than a theme at this year's GDC - it's practically taking over the show. And that means all eyes will be on Sony when they host their PlayStation VR event - including ours.

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