There are no heroes in The Tomorrow Children, only cogs

The Tomorrow Children is a machine, and you are but a tiny part of its function. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this game has no heroes - you're not even human. Long ago humanity perverted itself into a single, massive superorganism, manifesting as a cloudy white mass that stretches out endlessly in all directions. You are a clone - simple and basic. You, and the thousands of other just like you, have a part to play in saving your doomed forebears.

Restoring humanity involves a lot of menial labor. Together, you and your kin must forge a new life atop the biomass. The ways in which you can contribute to society can be summed up in three broad categories: mining, fighting, and building. Mining produces mineral and other raw materials that are then used at crafting stations back in town to build new buildings and expand your city. As your city grows, however, you have to watch out for encroaching enemies that will decimate all your hard work should they get too close.

Mining is done at locations called islands - distant caves and other, more bizarre, formations jutting up out of the otherwise featureless landscape. A transit system hauls the mined materials from dig sites back into town, where they can be collected and brought to the crafting station for processing. If you have the right combination of materials, you can initiate a simple slide puzzle representing the construction of your chosen building. Finish the puzzle, and the building appears.

You are a clone - simple and basic. You have a part to play in saving your doomed forebears.

Of course, gathering enough materials for any one building would take ages for a single person by themselves. The Tomorrow Children is a commutative experience where each player is working towards the common goal of expanding their town - of which there are several. At present, a Tomorrow Child's work is never done, as there isn't an ultimate goal other than expansion and exploration.

Your only adversaries - apart from greedy players who try and hoard all the materials - are the large, mostly docile monsters wandering the void. Every so slowly, they will approach your settlements, and when one gets too close someone will have to jump on the guns and bring it down. The Tomorrow Children is currently gearing up for its first public beta - the details of which you can see in the trailer below - and the full game coming to PS4 sometime next year.

Maxwell McGee
Maxwell grew up on a sleepy creekbank deep in the South. His love for video games has taken him all the way to the West Coast and beyond.