The Wafers Of Mars

With the T and the F being so near on a keyboard, it’s all too easy to accidentally type "Wafers Of Mars” (we know, we've done it). Which got us thinking – what other Doctor Who episode titles are just one typo away from being another kind of story entirely?

(And don’t forget, there’s SFX’s non-spoilery preview of "The Waters Of Mars” here )

The Spice Museum
Featuring giant sand worms, presumably…

The Lime Meddler
He’s from a race who must not interfere with fruit, but he just can’t help having a fiddle

The Bunfighters

The Tents Planet
Glastonbury Festival circa 2254

The Macro Terror
The computers strike back

The Comb Of The Cybermen
The silver giants set up a hairdressing service

The Enema Of The World
That’s not lava, that’s … urgh!

The Mind Rubber
He’s not known as the Eraser for nothing

The Bar Games
The fate of the world rests on the outcome of Shove Ha’penny

Terror Of The Zutons
A nation is sent comatose by alien indie band

The Class Of Axos
Grange Hill, with more tentacles

The Tea Devils
They emerge from your mug wanting their planet back

The Tome Warrior
Prequel to "Silence In The Library”

The Art In Space
It’s hideous! It’s horrible! It’s an exhibition by Tracey Emin!

The Weeds Of Doom
The more common variety of Krynoids

The Bunmakers
Sequel to “The Bunfighters” in which it’s revealed what Pertwee was going on about when he said, “ham fisted bun-vendors”

The Creature From The Pot
The main course fights back

The Horns Of Nimoy
Well, Spock was going to look more like a devil originally…

The Leisure Hike
Exploring the Pennine Way

Dull Circle
Trapped forever on a roundabout in Milton Keynes

Warriors’ Date
King Yrcanos woos Peri with flowers, chocolate and his big chopper

Slack Orchid
It needs watering

The Hive Doctors
What is happening to the bees?

The Waves Of Androzani
The Doctor goes surfin’ USA

The Bark Of The Rani

The Ultimate Fop
It’s handkerchiefs at dawn as The third Doctor and Beau Brummell battle for supremacy

Paradise Rowers
The evil of the coxless pair

The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy
Rose needs some retail therapy

The Purse Of Fenric
The stingiest aliens in the galaxy

An episode shot in one continuous take

Father’s Gay
Little known ’70s sitcom

Book Town
Death stalks the streets of Hay-On-Wye

Bad Wilf
Donna discovers her gramps’s porn collection

The Farting Of The Ways
Welcome to the Windy City

Rose Of The Cybermen
In an alternate dimension, Rose gets the Telos facelift

The Aga Of Steel
The oven of doom…

The Satan Pig
The Doctor must save his bacon

Fear Hen
Clucking Hell!

Smite And Jones
The Demons crossover episode nobody wanted

Quick, write an extra minute!

The Sound Of Brums
Adrian Chiles and Lenny Henry are replaced by alien doubles

List Of The Time Lords
Gallifrey suffers from subsidence

Partners In Grime
Revenge of the dustmen

Planet Of The Old
Evil dictator controls populace through Werther’s rationing

The Poison Ski
Extreme sports get even more extreme

The Wafers Of Mars
Takes the biscuit

Give us your suggestions – remember, you can only change one letter, and you can’t add to take away letters

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