The Biggest Goddamned SF & Fantasy Poll In The Universe

Above: These were the winners then last time SFX did one of these triple votes back in 1999. Since then Doctor Who and Serenity have won individual polls for TV and film. What will win this time?

The info on the front page says it all really - It's been a long time since SFX did a poll that asked you to nominate your favourite SF & fantasy films, novels and TV shows ever, and we thought now was a good time for another major vote? Why? Well, that's secret for the moment, but it will tie in with a major event happening in the SFX-verse very soon.

So, the voting opens now.

The rules are simple. We want to know:

* Your 3 favourite SF or fantasy TV shows ever
* Your 3 favourite SF or fantasy films shows ever
* Your 3 favourite SF or fantasy novels shows ever

They DO NOT have to be in order. All nominations get one vote each

There are NO bars on what you can vote for. If you think it's SF or fantasy that's fine by us.

You don't have to give nominations in every category. If you don't read books, don't feel you have to vote for 1984 because it's the only one you've ever read.

Closing date is 20th February

You can get your nominations to us by one of three following methods:

* Post them in the comments section below
* Post them on this thread on the SFX forum
* Email them to us at

Let the votestorm commence…

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