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The Best SF Cliffhangers 5


Angel was always a feast of great cliffhangers, but "Calvary" just inches ahead of the "it was all a dream" schtik of "Awkening" (one of the few instances of this gimmick being used well) and Fred dying and becoming Illyria in "A Hole In The World" (great as that was, you have been prepared for it the whole episode). "Calvary" is a superb example of a WTF? cliffhanger. Angelus has been let loose, and is after Wolfram and Hart lawyer Lilah. On the run, she bumps into Cordelia. You remember Cordelia – lovely girl. Always one of the good guys. Lilah says, "He's going to kill us all." Cordelia replies, "I know. That's why I let him out." Then she stabs Lilah in the throat. Millions of viewers simultaneously fell off the edge of their chairs.

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