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The best sci-fi Blu-ray disc

You could win an LG player and 10 Blu-ray discs in a prize draw being run by the British Video Association! The association wants to know what you think was the best Blu-ray experience of last year.

Check out the shortlist on this page and follow the link there to vote.

If you haven’t discovered the high-definition revolution that is Blu-ray yet, you’re missing out on an amazing experience. Blu-ray is a format that delivers top quality video and games storage – the format takes up to 50 gigabytes on DVD-sized discs. The BVA, the body behind this poll and competition, represent the producers of home entertainment media (including everything from VHS to downloads).

To enter the prize draw and be in with a chance of winning a LG Blu-ray player and the top 10 Blu-ray titles of 2008, you will need to register for free with the exclusive Blu-ray Club .