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The 4400 3.04: Gone (PART II) review

The One Where...Maia’s returned, natch.

AIR-DATE: 02/07/06

Written by: Darcy Meyers

Director: Scott Peters

Starring: Alice Krige, Garrett Dillahunt, Ian Tracey

Rating: 2.5/5

Tom starts seeing Maia in his and Alana’s fantasy worlds. Diana also has residual memories of her, and Alana helps Diana remember the day she adopted Maia. Unable to accept that she’s gone, Diana begs Alana to let her see Maia again, but this time Diana refuses to leave. To bring her back, Tom attempts suicide and is brought into the future. Sarah finally says she’ll return the children, but Tom has to do something in exchange. He, Maia and the others are returned to the present day, where Tom finds a syringe with a note – “Kill Isabelle”!

Shawn decides to confess to Richard when he and Isabelle are almost caught in the act. He’s less than impressed but Isabelle refuses to break it off. Later, Richard’s contacted by Daniel Armand, who asks to meet with him and discuss things. Richard refuses, so Daniel launches a psychic attack on Shawn, who then carves up his own arms.

In most regards, this is a good episode. Unfortunately the good acting and directing are completely swallowed up by the enormous plot hole surrounding the disappearance of Maia. There are so many annoying, unanswered questions, not least of which is how Tom and Diana can “remember” a girl they’ve never met. It makes your head hurt.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see evil Isabelle’s plotline kicking off at long last…

Isabelle: “Experts say you should do adventurous things to keep relationships more interesting. What could be more adventurous than a quickie on the stairs?”

Leah Holmes

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