The 10 Worst SF & Fantasy Shows Of The Decade 9

12 episodes • 2006-7 • BBC2

We feel kinda cruel putting this show in this list. It feels like kicking a puppy. It wasn’t exactly dire, it just wasn’t particularly good either. As a space-ship-based sit-com, it was always going to be in the shadow of Red Dwarf, and to be fair, at its best it was as good as Red Dwarf… when Red Dwarf was as its worst. There were some gags that worked, the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves and the visuals were occasionally imaginative. But ultimately, too often, it just felt like it was composed of third generation hand-me-downs from Grant Naylor and Douglas Adams and never carved out its own identity.

The nadir: The first episode features permanently randy aliens who greet people by licking them. It just makes you feel a bit queasy.

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