The 10 Worst SF & Fantasy Shows Of The Decade 5

6 episodes • 2007 • ABC

The episodes may have been based on stories by the masters of science fiction (even that’s debateable – the name John Kessel must have sent most SF fans scurrying for wikipedia) but they were made by masters of blandness. This was an anthology series from the team that also brought you Masters Of Horror, who clearly aimed to prove their mediocrity was non-denominational. Six episodes were made, only four were ever aired. All were unbelievably dull. Which is surprising considering there were good concepts at the heart of each of them, and the production values were high. But whether dealing with mutant apartheid, robotic rights or false memories, this show managed to be dispiritingly dull, irritatingly trite and about as subtle as Bantha in a china shop.

The nadir: Seeing Robert Heinlein’s "Jerry Was A Man” reduced to an insipid TV movie sequel to the Bicentennial Man.

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