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The Xbox Series X runs cooler than the Xbox One X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X runs significantly cooler than its current-gen console counterparts. 

Despite some concerns that the box might get dangerously hot, an experiment from Venturebeat (opens in new tab) suggests that the temperature of Microsoft's new offering stays well below both its predecessor and the PS4 pro.

The test measured the heat compared from the hottest port of the Series X, the Xbox One X, the PS4 Pro, and a PC kitted out with a GTX 3080 graphics card after each machine had been turned off for at least 30 minutes. While the PC expelled the coolest air, the Series X came in a respectable second, way below the PS4 Pro.

After ten minutes running Hitman 2's Mumbai level in a 23.6 celsius room, the Series X ran at an average temperature of 47.7 celsius, maxing out at 50.4 celsius. That's about four degrees lower than the Xbox One X, and nearly 15 degrees cooler than the air leaving the notoriously noisy fans of the PS4 Pro, which hit highs of 65 celsius at an average of 62.5 celsius. Unsurprisingly, the PC, which has plenty more space to push that hot air out, came out a lot cooler at an average of just 35.5 degrees.

While not the most scientific test, it's an interesting comparison, particularly as many of those who've had their hands on the Series X so far have also noted that it's extremely quiet, suggesting its fans aren't having to work too hard to get all that heat out. These are, of course, last-gen comparisons, so it'll be interesting to see how the console stacks up against the PS5, but it looks as though Microsoft's designers have done an impressive job.

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