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The Xbox Series X lets you filter your library by "optimized games"

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Larry Hryb)

You'll be able to filter your Xbox Series X games by those that have been specially optimized for the console. In a recent tweet, Xbox director of programming Larry Hryb offered a closer look at the new feature.

Hryb's tweet shows how games in your library will be labelled according to the way you're playing them. If, for example, you had access to a game via Xbox Game Pass, a sticker will appear on its image. Similarly, if you're playing a game that's been specifically optimized for the new console, an 'X/S' sticker will also appear, differentiating those games from the Xbox Series X backwards compatible titles that haven't been granted a specific next-gen upgrade.

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If you only want to play those games that are taking advantage of the new hardware, Microsoft is looking out for you. Hit the 'filter' button in your library, and there's a drop-down option that allows you to see only those games that are "optimised for Xbox Series X/S." Alternatively, you can filter for Xbox One games, or head even further back in time for titles from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox.

Hryb also uses the opportunity to plug Xbox Smart Delivery, the system which ensures that once you've purchased a game on an Xbox platform, you'll be able to play the best possible version of it on Xbox Series X. You can check out a list of all Xbox Smart Delivery titles here, which includes a number of first and third-party titles. 

Here's what you can expect from the Xbox Series X optimized games.