The World Ends With You - Hero bios

When not keeping with the latest trends of downtown Shibuya, moodily swaying to the latest J-pop love anthem, orin Battle Royale (opens in new tab)against classmates, the heroes of The World Ends With You are locked in the deadly Game set forth by the Reapers - a group of shadowy villains with questionable fashion taste. We already laid out the rules of said deadly Game in our detailed hands-onpreview (opens in new tab) but today you’ll get the scoop on the characters you’ll take control of in your race against erasure.

Don’t let this “can do” pose fool you. Like every 15-year-old, Neku loves graffiti and hates everything else. Frequently called “Phones,” you control World Ends’ pissy protagonist with only the stylus when locked in dual screen combat against main beasties, the Noise. An introverted adolescent, bad boy Neku walks the streets complete with wrong way hoodie and an iPod Shuffle to drown out the world. Seriously, this guy would rather be erased (i.e. die), than open up his feelings to gal pal partner, Shiki. But then again, Neku has some growing up to do.

Did you say conformity, because Shiki didn’t hear! Sporting only the trendiest of clothes, Shiki would never, ever be caught dead wearing your ratty-ass pumps (unless of course they were found in a hip thrift shop). As Neku’s cheerful partner, you’ll dish out her mean combos on the top screen using only the d-pad. Insatiable and precious, Shiki harbors a secret that she probably won’t reveal until the very end of the game.