The World Ends With You - Hero bios

As the polar opposite to Neku, Beat doesn’t mind telling you like it is. Prone to emotional outbursts - be they raging or weepy - his heart can cloud his mind, leading to more than one sticky situation. With an affinity for oversized skate shorts and a skull-hat ready to swallow his head, Beat’s always cruisin’ for a bruisin’ with gal pal partner and fellow Game player, Rhyme.

Cursed with a never say die attitude and chipper-as-hell spunk, Rhyme’s one big walking smiley emoticon. Early on, she’s the glue that holds Neku and Shiki together, while encouraging her partner, Beat. Even if she’s not comfortable enough to show off her midriff like Shiki, Rhyme’s got an oversized maternity sweater to hide her shame. It doesn’t stop her from sporting those lovely stems, though.

Mar 20, 2008