The Witcher 3 patch 4.02 hasn't fixed what fans were hoping for

The Witcher 3
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The Witcher 3 fans have been left disappointed by the game's 4.02 patch, as it doesn't fix some of the main issues players have been experiencing. 

Developer CD Projekt Red shared the 4.02 patch notes on March 13, and players were quick to point out that fixes for the issues they've been experiencing can't be found anywhere in the patch notes. The notes cover a range of issues from PC-specific and console-specific problems to things wrong with the game's visuals and its gameplay. 

For a full list of the things altered thanks to The Witcher 3's 4.02 patch, you can head to the link above. It's important to note, however, that the patch notes feature "only the most notable changes," meaning "the patch contains other minor fixes" that didn't make it into the list. 

One of the most common complaints among players over on Reddit is related to the DX 12 version of the game. According to the patch notes, CD Projekt Red "improved CPU core utilization in the DX 12 version," but, after testing it, fans are saying that there's no improvement on this front at all. 

"The DX12 version is still completely broken. I don't see any difference after the patch at all," one player shared, "DX11 version gives 60FPS while DX12 version gives completely unplayable 20-25 FPS, at identical settings."

A lot of the other complaints are related to The Witcher 3's visuals, with many pointing out that the purple cobwebs (that aren't supposed to be that color) are still present within the game after the 4.02 patch. 

Flickering is also apparently a big problem still, but CD Projekt Red has included a fix to the "flickering landscape in Toussaint" in the latest patch - so that's at least something. Overall, it sounds like CD Projekt Red still has a ways to go to get The Witcher 3 up to the standard fans are expecting. 

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