The Witcher 3 fans serve a new master: Low-Poly Pigeon

The Witcher 3's Low-Poly Pigeon
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red/ben0074)

Low-Poly Pigeon made an innocuous debut among Witcher fans, but it didn't take long for this angular sky vermin to become the rightful Lord and King of series fandom.

Four days ago, Low-Poly Pigeon made his debut on the Witcher subreddit. An image captured by ben0074 showed the bird in his full glory, flying too close to the sun (by which I mean the camera) and revealing that he was maybe not meant to be seen up close. A good time was had by all. Even the devs at CD Projekt Red got involved, revealing the School of Low-Poly Pigeon.

Memes tend to last a maximum of 24 hours on the modern internet, but don't tell that to Witcher fans. Low-Poly Pigeon has taken over. I'd call it chaos, but in truth, this is order - order brought to bear under the rulership of Low-Poly Pigeon, may his name be honored. Low-Poly Pigeon, Meme-Lord of the Witcher Fandom, shall rule forever. (Or at least a couple more days.)

You can go scroll Reddit for yourself if you want to see the full explosion of meme tributes, but here are some highlights.

Forget about Ciri Geralt , You must find him from r/witcher
Cursed meme 💀 from r/witcher
Forever immortalized as the pigeon game from r/witcher
Birb for the win from r/witcher
Everytime I open r/witcher from r/witcher
It’s Everywhere! from r/witcher

The whole gaming community tends to love low-poly animals. Built to be low in detail to save on performance, these critters are intended to populate the background where you won't look too close. But as we know, the instant you give a gamer an animal, they will either attempt to pet it, kill it, or take a photo. (Maybe all three.)

The low poly animals account on Twitter spent a long time giving us regular doses of angular animals, and is probably the source of at least 80% of the affection towards these creatures. The account has sadly stopped its regular updates, but way back in May 2022, it did feature a now-familiar face.

Welcome back, Low-Poly Pigeon. I'm sorry we didn't give you your crown before now.

All the best open-world games keep low-poly animals around.

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