Move over bathtub Geralt, low-poly pigeon is our new Witcher 3 mascot

The Witcher
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The Witcher 3 community is rallying around the bird-life of the Continent, and CD Projekt is getting in on the joke.

Earlier this week, a post on the Witcher subreddit took advantage of the photo mode in last year's new-gen release to get a closer look at the avian set-dressing around Novigrad. In keeping with the tradition of using as little resource as possible to render the birds you see sweeping past in open-world games, the pigeon in question is gloriously low-poly; its body beautifully angular, its features smushed awkwardly onto its bizarre neck stump.

The graphics in the next-gen update truly are a sight to behold! from r/witcher

While one commenter pointed out that you can actually download a mod to bring HD Birds to the world of The Witcher, the rest of the community has flocked (sorry) to the low-poly pigeon, attracting the attention of the official Witcher game Twitter account. A new post superimposes the face of a low-poly pigeon onto Geralt's iconic Witcher 3 wolf medallion, creating a new Witcher school in the process.

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Of course, this isn't the first time that's happened in recent months. News of The Witcher 4 was accompanied by the apparent reveal of the School of the Lynx, which doesn't exist in Sapkowski's original books. We're still a long way from the new Witcher trilogy, and we're also a long way from some of the franchise's upcoming spin-offs, as the mysterious Project Sirirus was recently rebooted internally, suggesting it's not set to launch anytime soon. Probably a case of too few low-poly pigeons.

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