The Witcher 3 devs thought long and hard about showing Geralt's wang in the bathtub scene

The Witcher 3 bathtub scene
(Image credit: CDPR/Future)

The Witcher 3 developers very nearly showed Geralt's penis during the iconic bathtub scene, but ultimately thought better of it.

We all know the scene by now. Even if you haven't played CD Projekt Red's opus, you've probably scene the memes. Early on in The Witcher 3, we're treated to a cutscene in which Geralt enjoys a leisurely hot bath while the sorceress Yennefer unwinds, also naked, nearby with a book. It's a disarmingly intimate scene for a fantasy RPG, but as it turns out, it was almost a whole lot more intimate.

In a Twitter exchange, CDPR's Philipp Weber, who served as quest designer on The Witcher 3, revealed that the developers deliberated at length about whether to reveal Geralt's wang.

"Still remember the 100+ post thread in the 'offtopic' area of our company mail during W3 where people discussed if we'd show Geralt's penis in the bath tub," Weber said.

The developer also noted that he voted 'Yea' despite the scene ultimately obscuring the most R-rated part of Geralt's body. Of course, as one Patrick Mills pointed out in a Twitter reply to Weber, CDPR has a chance right now to right this obvious wrong. The Witcher 3 new-gen port launches on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in a couple of weeks, although to be as soberly realistic as possible, it's unlikely there will be any such revision. That said, who knows what treasures The Witcher 4 will hold?

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