The Witcher 2 Monster Contract Guide

Act II Contracts

The Harpy Contract

These monsters are basically what you’d expect - disgusting, humanoid birds with sharp beaks and large talons. They come in two varieties - the smaller normal ones, and larger more dangerous ones that adorn themselves with necklaces and diamond bracelets. Harpies typically attack in groups of two to five and are the only monster in the game that can fly. They’re fond of hit-and-run tactics when fighting in larger groups and move much more quickly when in the air than when on land.

Your Igni sign is exceptionally effective against these creatures as they are incredibly weak to incineration effects. Your Aard sign is also a great tool as it will knock them out of the air. Rely on quick sword attacks when engaging the birds in melee.


You can preemptively purchase the book – “Harpies: Daughters of the Gale” - from Einar Gausel in Flotsam or grab a copy from Felicia Cori in the main market square at Vergen. The book will supply you with a crafting diagram for Harpy Traps that you’ll use to destroy the monsters’ nests.


You’ll need seven Harpy Traps to complete this contract. Any craftsmen in Vergen can create the traps for you.

Finding the Nests

This is one of the easiest contracts in the game. All you need to do is engage a group of Harpies, lay down the traps and the stupid birds will do the rest of the work for you. In layman’s terms, the Harpies will carry the bomb to the nests, so all you need to do is be in the same area that the nests are.

The first four nests can be found in the Old Quarry just outside of Vergen. To get there, all you need to do is leave the city and follow the path until you reach a Scoia’tael unit stationed at a fork in the road. Hang left and continue on until you reach another fork. Go straight up the middle and you’ll come to the Old Quarry. You’ll need four Harpies to pick up the traps here.

The last three nests are found in the Harpy Lair. The door to the Harpy Lair is located at the bottom of the Old Quarry just opposite the large boulder. This door will be locked until Cecil Burdon opens it for you in the “Hunting Magic” quest. Once this is done, simply go in and lay down three traps for the Harpies to pick up.

The Rotfiend Contract

Rotfiends are The Witcher 2’s version of ghouls - meaning, they are often found feeding on carrion and other dead things. You’ll encounter both normal and Greater Rotfiends (the latter is larger and causes more damage). They usually travel in packs of two to four and can burrow into the ground. What’s particularly nasty is that at the moment of death these things will explode. This last attack is very damaging, can knock Geralt off his feet and poison him.

Rotfiends are fairly susceptible to the effects of incineration, your Igni sign and Necrophage Oil. Feel free to mix up the quick and strong attack styles as both are effective. And make sure to get your ass out of there when dealing the deathblow; you want to steer clear of the Rotfiend’s kamikaze explosion thing.


All information on Rotfiends can be found in the book “The Horrors of War: Rotfiends.” It is sold by both Einar Gausel and Felicia Cori. Research reveals that you’ll need to destroy the Rotfiend’s food supply so that the population will move on. This involves burning nine bodies that were left to rot in the Aedirnian foothills.


No special tools or traps are needed to accomplish this contract.

Finding the Bodies

The bodies can be a little tricky to find, but it isn’t too bad. The first three bodies are located behind the whore house just outside of Henselt’s camp. Since there is a contingent of Kaedweni troops stationed there, the Rotfiends will probably not pay you any attention and just go for the soldiers. Burn the three bodies.

Above: First Body

Above: Second Body

Above: Third Body

The next three bodies can be found back on the main road in front of the camp. Look for an abandoned horse cart along with a trio of Rotfiends chowing down. Kill the Rotfiends and burn the bodies.

Head past the cart and cross the stream. Keep heading in the direction of the rocky cliffs just outside of The Visionary’s cottage.

You’ll find the final three corpses being munched on by yet another group of Rotfiends. Be careful as this group may have a pair of Greater Rotfiends with them. Burn the bodies once you’ve dispatched all the monsters.