The Week In Sci-Fi


Get your hit of R-Patz and the K-Bomb as The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part One hit the shops on DVD and Blu-ray.

Delve into fairytales as Grimm continues over on Watch from 9pm.

The second episode of Dirk Gently hits BBC Four at 9pm.

Raid more tombs with Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft, tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life on Syfy at 9pm.

Gonzo undead cop-comedy Death Valley continues on MTV at 10pm.


Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil continues on Syfy at 10pm.

Sultry bloodsuckers get all angsty over on ITV2 at 10pm as The Vampire Diaries continues.

Catch the first episode of new mystery-thriller Alcatraz on Watch at 9pm.

See Keanu Reeves fight the machine in The Matrix Reloaded at 9pm on Sky One.

Kiefer Sutherland returns to the small screen in Touch , 9:05pm on Sky One.


Head down to London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore today and get Gareth Roberts to scribble all over your copy of Shada .

Bruce Willis races to save the earth in sci-fi action adventure The Fifth Element on 5* at 9pm.

Fringe continues at 10pm on Sky One.

Burst some chests and join Ripley and crew in Alien , E4 at 10pm.


See Christian Bale, minus the cape, in dystopian thriller Equilibrium at 10:50pm on Film4.

Catch season two of Lost Girl over on Syfy, also at 9pm.

A slice of Kiwi sci-fi lands on Syfy in the form of The Almighty Johnsons , from 10pm.


Running from today to Sunday, Starfury: Throne Con descends on the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham for all you Game Of Throne obsessed types.

Get your weekly fix of zombie madness in The Walking Dead , FX at 10pm.

Get your own back on the bad guys in The Last House On The Left on ITV4 at 11:05pm

Join Mel Gibson in the future on ITV1 at 10:35pm in Mad Max 2 .


The Dynamic Duo protect Gotham City in the 1966 Batman film on Film4 at 1pm.

Ben Barnes and Colin Firth star in Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray at 9pm on Film4.

Neo takes on many, many agents in The Matrix Revolutions , Sky One at 9pm.


The story that goes on forever (apart from at the end, of course), The Never Ending Story airs on ITV2 at 5pm.

Will Smith makes another Sunday night appearance in I,Robot on Channel 5 at 7:45pm.

Being Human continues on BBC Three at 9pm.

Tom Cruise not only evades the aliens but shields his ears from some impressive screaming in War Of The Worlds at 10:25pm on BBC One.

True Blood 's fourth season continues on FX tonight at 10pm.