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The Week In Sci-Fi

Blow away the back-to-work blues with a week of sci-fi featuring Caprica , audio Doctor Who and The Clone Wars

Tuesday 4 January

Keep an eye out for the first nine episodes of short-lived Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica , available from all decent DVD dealers this week.

Once you’ve got Caprica in the bag, why not snuggle up in front of the fireplace with Mike Lancaster’s 0.4 or spooky haunted house tale Tyme’s End by BR Collins, both released today on dehydrated wood pulp.

Wednesday 5 January

Do your bit for new authors by picking up a copy of Karen Azinger’s debut novel The Steel Queen .

Thursday 6 January

Alien-in-the-attic Family Guy spin-off American Dad season six premieres on FX today.

Matt Smith lends his voice to original audiobook The Jade Pyramid , and the 1964 novelisation of classic Who story The Edge Of Destruction also gets its own audiobook.

For those who prefer more traditional means of reading: Tim Kring’s Shift and Rod Rees’ The Demi-Monde: Winter are both released today.

If you find yourself by the seaside, you could be in luck - catch Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and sort-of former Doctor David Morrissey at The Space in Brighton (more here ) .

Friday 7 January

Much delayed supernatural thriller Season Of The Witch finally finds a home in cinemas. Nic Cage has to get money for those wigs from somewhere, right?

Saturday 8 January

The Clone Wars returns for the first time in 2011 on Sky Movies Premiere and Sky Movies HD.

Sunday 9 January

Only 350(ish) days to go till next Christmas. If you start shopping now, you might just get it all done in time…