The Wedding Tackle review

You know you should hate The Wedding Tackle. There's the name, which hints at pathetic, smutty humour. Then consider that it's another dramedy focusing on the lives of London-based twentysomethings. And, worst of all, it flaunts the `charms' of Tony Slattery.

Yet, while it is unruly and sometimes illogical, this manages to be an enjoyable riff on relationships. Set around an all-day pub crawl, it sees Adrian Dunbar trying to untangle his friends' romances while avoiding his lover's psycho husband (Leslie Grantham).

Dunbar's charismatic enough to carry the film, and Game On's Neil Stuke delivers a hefty chunk of the chuckles as lady-chaser Salty. But Grantham introduces an unwelcome, sub-Fawlty Towers feel, and there are a couple of moments of jarring crudity. Teetering between lightweight amusement and lowbrow crap, The Wedding Tackle is a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.

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