The Warriors: Street tough shots and movies

Rockstar has released a posse of new images and movies from its upcoming sidewalk scrapper The Warriors.

Besides slugging it out with rival gangs - and as we reported in our - players will be offered a variety of criminal distractions to keep them busy, namely robbing stores and stealing car stereos.

Both of these crooked activities are shown in the movies below and also demonstrate how 'war chief' commands (orders issued to the crew by the gang leader) can be used during these scenarios in-game - hot footing it from the scene of a crime or trashing a store and looting the valuables.

Unsurprisingly the motivation for committing offences is money, which is required to buy spray paint used for tagging rival gang areas, acquiring a health-restoring narcotic called Flash and obtaining weapons.

The Warriors will be released for PS2 and Xbox in October