The Walking Dead: Our World is a mobile ARG with GPS - so basically Walking Dead Go

Are you a fan of AMC's hit series The Walking Dead? Do you ever just wish the whole world would hurry up and zombify already so that you could be the one putting the undead hordes back into their graves? Well that's a little scary and hopefully unlikely, but developer Next Games might have the next best thing: a Walking Dead augmented reality game for iOS and Android.

I know, I know, you've seen the comparison all over the internet, "The Walking Dead: Our World is basically like Pokemon Go but with zombies." But honestly, that's pretty accurate. Here's some footage of the game in action so you can judge for yourself:

While it will track your movement in a more significant way and seems better than Pokemon Go at placing in-game models so it looks like they're standing on the ground instead of floating mid-air, this is still very much a "stand and tap the screen" experience.

So no, you aren't going to actually be jumping over counters to grab a gun or swinging your arms wildly in the park when you play. Obviously you'll be re-deading the walker hordes alongside characters from the show (and apparently taking selfies with them), but beyond that there's really not a lot of information on how the game will play. It might end up being a fun experience, but I'd say expect less heart-pounding action, more tap tap tap tap tap.

The Walking Dead: Our World does not currently have a release date, but like an undead monster shambling right behind you, it could strike at any time. 

Sam Prell

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