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The Top 7... Worst scenes in Uwe Boll movies

The movie: We’ve already given this one its lumps. Let’s just move on.


The worst scene: We’re not sure what’s more depressing: that Kid in the Hall Dave Foley decided Uwe Boll should be the director he did full-frontal for, or that –according to Boll– it was Foley’s idea. We just know that he’s walking around looking fat, depressed and floppy, and that that’s not even the worst thing about this scene.

Above: We’re not prudes or anything, but company policy forbids us from showing you what’s under that sticker

No, the worst thing is Chris Coppola, who mugs and wails his way through the scene as Foley’s insufferable right-hand man, Richard. Foley (playing cult leader Uncle Dave) walks around naked, takes a dump, lights up a joint and goes back to bed without so much as flushing, but it’s Coppola’s hammy, exaggerated reactions to all of this that push the scene from just “kind of gross” to “Jesus Christ, is this still going?”

Above: This shot pretty neatly sums up the entire scene

Yeah, OK, we get it. Shit stinks. Naked bosses make people uncomfortable. But does he really need to whine and yell and stick his fingers up his nose like nobody ever does in order to get that across?