The Top 7... Sadistic moments in games

The Hall of Meat. While it may sound like some nightmarish room with walls made of stretched skin and cartilage, it's actually the sadist's version of the score attack – how spectacularly can you hurt your little skateboard dude?

Amped and Tony Hawk's Project 8may have featured this kind of mode before Skate 2 did, but while we like Project 8 for the idea of how big your hospital bill is, it just can't match the sense of impact that Skate 2 has. Here are a few of our most painful (and high-scoring) bails.

How sick is it?
Compared to the ragdoll meh-ness ofmodern Tomb Raider deaths, Core Design's hand-animated death sequences are convincingly final-looking. And she slides down spikes after being impaled. Uck.