The Top 7... Precursor Games

Arch Rivals begat NBA Jam

NBA Jam may be the game you think of as the pioneer of glass shattering slam dunks. But Midway had already smoothed out this backboard breaking maneuver beforehand with Arch Rivals. In fact, if you take out the advanced graphics, NBA licenses, and replace the punching with some ball slapping to steal, Miday's NBA Jam plays just like Arch Rivals.

Above: Arch Rivals showed us that you don't need official licenses for a fun sports game. NBA Jam showed us that having them helps a lot

Useless Facts:
- Michael Jordan was noticeably absent from NBA Jam's roster. Scottie Pippen's pumped up stats may have been meant to make up for the MIA MJ.
- Like most Midway games, NBA Jam featured a ton of Easter eggs. NBA Jam Tournament Edition even let you play as Bill,Hillary, andGeorgeClinton.

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