The Top 7... Precursor Games

Out of this World begat Flashback

Flashback: The Quest for Identity was Delphine Software's most successful title. Unless of course, you count the game that paved the way for the Flashback franchise: Out of this World.

With nearly identical gameplay, the same silky smooth rotoscoping, and striking aesthetics, Flashback managed to milk all the important elements that made Out of this World stand out from its cartoony platforming contemporaries.

Unfortunately, once Delphine Software introduced the third dimension to the series and deviated from Out of this World's design, the series lost its charm. Flashback's fast-paced action slowed down to a crawl in its sequel, Fade to Black, disappointing many fans.

Above: Flashback was great because its design was so much like Out of This World

Useless Facts:
- Although he got help with the music, Eric Chahi designed and developed Out of this World from on his own from the coding down to the box art.
- Both Out of this World and Flashback have identical endings with the protagonists flying into the horizon with the worlds 'THE END' flying toward the screen.
- Flashback also gives a nod to Out of this World with the use of the personal force field and the similar cinematic where Conrad gets his gun back.
- The scene where you see three female aliens bathing in Out of this World was too erotic for console versions. According to Chahi, the cracks on their bottoms were reduced by a three pixels.