The Top 7... Precursor Games

Project Gotham Racing 2 begat Geometry Wars: Evolved

Critics across the board praised Project Gotham Racing 2 for its beautiful graphics. However, most reviews missed out on mentioning the minigame tucked away in the game's garage, Geometry Wars. Those that did, never failed to mention the old school Robotron-like fun Geometry Wars delivered.

What started out as an excellent Easter egg,ended up taking off as one of the highest selling titles on Xbox Live when the revamped Geometry Wars: Evolved made its debut on the Xbox 360.

Although the 360 version of Geometry Wars offered more eye candy and shapes to shoot, the basic principles that made the game so addicting were all there in Project Gotham Racing 2's garage.

Today, Bizarre Creations is still riding the wave of Geometry Wars' popularity with new versions for the Wii and DS scheduled to release later this year. But elements of Geometry Wars' colorful aesthetics can also be seen inBoom Boom Rocket. The addictive draw of besting the competition with your high score also looks like it'll live on inThe Club.

Above: PGR 2 got good grades for its graphics, but it was its simple minigame, Geometry Wars that spawned one of the most popular Xbox Live titles ever

Useless Facts:
- For a long time, Xbox Live player, K4RN4GE topped the Geometry Wars: Evolved leader board. He allegedly let himself die on purpose so his score would read as 360,360,600.
- As of Monday, September 17, 2007, the highest Geometry Wars: Evolved score goes to KILLERTOKER420 with 500,684,945 points.
- Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the Wii will introduce the Masters, which are large blocks that break down into smaller pieces as you blast them.
- Project Gotham Racing 4 comes with Geometry Wars: Waves, which comes with tweaks to the scoring system and spawns enemies in lines that bounce back and forth across the screen like waves.