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The Top 7... games we want announced at E3

So, what'cha playing on DS these days? Is it something published by Nintendo? Probably not. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin shipped in January. Professor Layton, quirky and cool but not exactly a gamer's game, was in February. Even if you want to consider Pokemon Mystery Dungeon a crowd pleasing game, it's been nearly three months since it went on sale. Look Nintendo, as much as we loved New Super Mario Bros., we're not playing it for two years. We want something new, something for the gamers, and we want it from you. The third parties have done a decent job (Castlevania games, Contra IV, Mega Man ZX etc) supporting us, but now it's your turn.

We know something big for Wii is coming at E3, that's a given. Why can't the same be true for DS? Announce New SMB 2, or perhaps a new 2D Metroid, even Pikmin would be a great fit. The point is we need something to play that isn't CrossworDS or the upcoming and surely interesting Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir. Kirby Super Star Ultra (not out until the end of September, btw) is going to be great, but um, it's a remake, and no amount of animated cutscenes will change that. We want something new.

Yes, there are three Nintendo entries in this Top 7. You can thank Nintendo's utter lack of information for that. Tuesday morning we'll know exactly what they have in store, and we hope beyond hope that there are games designed with gamers in mind.

Look for more all freakin' week as we report live from E3 2008!

Jul 13, 2008