The Top 7... games that don't deserve nostalgia

There are so many games that fit this description they could fill an entire article. Instead we lumped them all together into the number two slot, tons of games that we happily lapped up and told our friends how awesome they were despite them being utter shit. That first Ninja Turtles game? Crap. Way too hard and felt like some other game with the turtles crammed in. Godzilla? Terrible. Hope you like a diminutive, teal-colored Godzilla that gets killed by flying macaroni noodles. Also don't expect to, you know, fight other giant monsters more than once every 20 minutes. Instead, please navigate a hexagonal maze filled with near-identical levels. And when you finally did encounter another monster, it was on a solid black background.

There's a simple way to tell if your favorite childhood title sucked or not: was it made by Capcom and based on Disney properties? Then it was awesome. Neither is true? Probably sucked.

The same goes for movie games like Back to the Future and Top Gun - we were so desperate for any game with licensed properties that we were ready and willing to devour the junkiest excuses for video games. You kind of always knew they sucked, but you convinced yourself you were having a good time because you only got a few games a year, right? Yeah this was a good use of allowance, right? Straight As on a report card well spent, right?