The Top 7... games that don't deserve nostalgia

If you were around for the NES's glory days, you undoubtedly succumbed to the marketing blitz surrounding the Power Pad and World Class Track Meet. Using your own body to control on-screen characters, what a novel idea! Everyone wanted to run virtual marathons and leap over fake hurdles to take home the imaginary Nintendo Gold Medal - too bad the actual game was a piece of tiring trash, usually exhausting whoever dared step up to computer-controlled runners Rabbit, Horse and... Bear?

Then you get to Cheetah, who's so stupidly speedy you resort to pounding the sensors with your fists instead of actually running. Plus the game's always beeping at you for not standing on the proper sensor at the proper time. It's not fun in a "video game" sense, but whenever you pull out a Power Pad people flip out and still want to play. Well, that's fine and all, but it's important to acknowledge that we're enjoying it ironically at this point, not because we loved playing it as kids. In fact, once the novelty of seeing a guy move on the screen as you moved on the pad wore off, it was folded up and tucked into closet faster than you could say Robotic Operating Buddy.

You also look like an idiot while playing, always flailing arms about to keep your balance. But it sure is fun (and occasionally sexy) to watch!