The Top 7... games that affect real life

How if affects real life: Buries itself in your subconscious and refuses to leave.

This doesn't need much explanation - it's the one game everyone has played, probably to death, and suffered from uncontrollable showers of Tetris blocks clicking and clacking together while you desperately try to fall asleep. They. Just. Won't. Get. Out. Of. Your. Head.

Above: Make it stop!

This phenomenon isn't exclusive to Tetris; any game with repeating tasks or visual stimulus will cause the hallucination after prolonged use. It's commonly known as the "Tetris Effect," and is said to affect your brain on such a level that even amnesiacs who can't remember playing the game will still see falling blocks in their mind's eye. Creepy!

"Dr. Mario: My most pathetic bout with gaming addiction. As a boy, Nintendo’s awesome little puzzler attacked my brain. The music would constantly loop in my head, and I would get hallucinatory visions of tri-colored pills on everything. No exaggeration, it was just like a clichéd cartoon daydream sequence."

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Aug 4, 2008

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