The Top 7 Edible Enemies in Video Games

Seventh Course:Eggplant Wizard
Kid Icarus for NES

Somehow, this two-game franchise has managed to stay on the tip of Nintendo tongues all over the world. We were originally including this game because of the Eggplant Wizard and his appearance inCaptain N: The Game Master,but after spending 45 minutes navigating the floaty controls and overpriced items, we were more shocked by how not-fun Icarus is today. Things get even worse when the Wizard starts trying to hit you with what could only be his offspring. If you wander into their path, you're transformed into an eggplant with legs and have to pay more money you don't have to get healed. Or you can, you know, die.

Despite appearing in so few games, the Eggplant Wizard remains one of the strangest, most talked-about weirdos in all of gaming. Why would such a beast appear in a world that seems relatively based on classic mythology? Why does a sentient eggplant have enough modesty to cover himself with a cape? Who knows. But thanks to the potent drugs of the '60s working in the minds of old-school programmers, we're still writing about his eggplanty ass in 2007.

Nutritional information:

100 grams raw eggplant
Total Calories: 24
Total Fat (g): 0
Saturated Fat (g): 0
Cholesterol (mg): 0
Sodium (mg): 2
Protein (g): 1
Fiber (g): 3
Sugars (g): 2
Carbs (g): 6