The top 10 famous glasses

Sunglasses. Wear them, and no one will know where you’re looking. Are you making eye contact when you speak? Maybe, but they don’t know. That’s how cool you are. Now, if you wear your sunglasses all the time, indoors and out, rain or not-as-much rain, then you’re probably wearing famous glasses. No need to apologize for that.

The following are the top 10 famous glasses (in video games, mostly), as deemed by us, the arbiters of cool.

10. Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Auron's been wearing these stunnas ever since his glasses-removing hand was rendered useless.

9. Cyclops

Cyclops’ visor/glasses aren’t cool, they’re actually very hot because they’re holding back a beam of death. That’s why they’re famous.

8. Jessie (Dead Rising)

Jessie works for homeland security, and kills zombies. She might have even killed a zombie with her famous glasses. Even though they aren’t sunglasses, her glasses deserve galactic fame, as does her cleavage.

7. Harry Potter

Okay, these aren’t sunglasses either. Shut up. They’re more famous than Jesus.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer